Financial Aid Confidentiality Agreement

Cornell College, pursuant to the amended Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), protects the confidentiality of student records and the right of every student to privacy as described in this directive. The university also provides a number of tools and resources to help students manage and control their data protection options for students. As a general rule, each student must submit a financial assistance form when applying for financial assistance. This statement and all other documents relevant to a student`s financial status are stored in a separate file and are only available to those who work directly with financial support. Information about scholarships, scholarships and loans is considered confidential and is not disclosed to unauthorized persons. Cornell recognizes that the student has a right to expect that the information gathered to facilitate his or her training will not be used for other purposes without his or her consent. According to ferpa, all students, regardless of age, have the right to authorize the disclosure of information to individuals or agencies outside the college. The college has adopted the following guidelines, which will be used to monitor, collect and disseminate student records. General guidelines | Personal recordings| Academic Records | | Conduct Records | grant datasets Health – Counseling Records Cornells The definition of student status can be found in the university`s catalogue. The rights and responsibilities that depend on registration status are found in the guidelines of each department (Residence Life, IT, etc.).