Share Purchase Agreement Law Insider

CONSIDERING that sellers are, directly or indirectly, owners of all common shares issued and outstanding in Target Corporation`s capital (the « purchased shares »); Interpretation 4 Sale and Purchase 15 Condition 15 Counterpart 16 Pre-execution Commitments 18 Final Statements 21 Leaking 23 Completion 23 Seller`s Guarantees 24 Seller`s Liability Limitations 31 Buyer Guarantees and Obligations 32 Compensation Environment 33 Termination 33 Absence of staff 34 Mutual guarantees 34 Holdings 36 Access 36 Effect of completion 37 Insurance 37 Disposal 37 Full Agreement 38 communications 38 communications 40 Guarantees 40 Confidentiality 43 Expenses and expenses 44 Considerations 44 Dismissal And Validity 44 Variants 45 Corrective measures and waiver declarations. 45 Third-party rights 46 Applicable law and jurisdiction 46 Agent for the service of the trial 47 The obligations of the purchasers are several 47 calendar 1 (Details of the group companies) 48 Part 1 (Company Details) 48 Part 2 (Details of the subsidiary) 49 Calendar 2 (Completio This settlement Share purchase agreement (the « contract ») is dated 23. October 2020 (effective date) between American BriVision (Holding) Corp. , a Nevada company headquartered in 44370 Old Warm Springs Blvd. , Fremont, CA 94538 (the « company »), and the individual buyer identified on the signature page (buyer). The seller undertakes to purchase the time-sharing period mentioned above in accordance with the provisions of the declaration of ownership or the declaration of the timeshare plan recorded in the public records of the county where the time-sharing plan is located, in accordance with the terms of that agreement. Terms of sale and purchase are: PROPOSED VERY SUBSTANTIAL ACQUISITION AND CONNECTED TRANSACTION The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Company entered into the share purchase agreement with CSSC on October 31, 2014, under which the Company partially consented to the acquisition and that CSSC has consented subject to the sale of the entire shareholding of Huangpu Wenchong. RMB4.527.331.600.00. This STOCK PURCHASE AGREEMENT (this « agreement ») will be concluded from [ , 2020 by and between Aspire Real Estate Investors, Inc., a Maryland company (the « company ») and the buyer identified on the signature page (the buyer).