Sample Band Agreements

Members of the group may participate in external business projects, including musical entertainment, provided that they do not affect their obligations and obligations to the group. Each member of the group agrees to contribute to the following services, since they relate to the success of the group, as well as to any other services deemed necessary: your band contract should serve as a guide to resolve any questions you or the group members have now, and also to address any problems you think, that they could happen in the future. At least be sure to cover topics like: As soon as it seems like the group is « stable, » you should talk to everyone about what the level of engagement actually is. Bring the idea of a group agreement to the group. Explain why this is important and how it will help. (In fact, it could make people happy to know exactly what is guaranteed to them as a member of the group.) Then choose a time to elaborate the details. This is a simple group performance contract for small shows. It includes the main free tickets, parking and munchies/water. Please note the mandatory sound check of the Vene systems – the group must take the lead in the installation. Disputes are settled through inexpensive arbitration. Groups may prefer to use a small claims court in their hometown.

As always, this is just a simple instruction template. It does not contain any information about your details. Show more situation. Gigs are often very negotiable – contracts tend to change and add/remove things. See an entertainment lawyer near you to have it professionally adapted to your needs! If a member of the band wants to leave voluntarily, what resignation should be given and how does that change on the tour? Nina Noir, a Musician from San Francisco and a member of the all-girl tribute band The Killer Queens, admits that at first, it was quite unpleasant to have « the conversation » with her band. « It was like, `Why so serious?` But every group is a business, » she says. Even if it`s for fun and it doesn`t look like normal work, you pay taxes and invest money. With an agreement, the group works better. We recommend using this music biz Academy tape convention template to get started, but be sure to tailor it to the specific needs of your band. Edwards PC, Creative Law provides legal services to clients in the music, digital, gaming, television, film and animation industries. Byron works with musicians and music companies to assist with record label contracts, publishing contracts, distribution contracts, production agreements, band deals, etc. This blog is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.

Please contact a lawyer if you wish to apply these concepts to your specific circumstances. The process may seem a bit boring or complicated, but that doesn`t mean he takes pleasure in playing music together! If all is said and done, your group chord will actually help keep your experience smooth and allow you to focus on the music, instead of thinking about how to handle every little argument.