Sdp Agreement

(e) Full-time teachers who have notified the school district in writing of a « right of return » no later than the last day of school have the right to return to part-time and full-time jobs in the « return » school up to one (1) day before the first day of instruction in the same school year or during the spring intervention and transfer process of the following year, in part-time and full-time jobs in their « return » school when the teaching position is restored. The school district notifies those who have submitted such a « right of return », provided, however, that such persons may be assigned to one (1) or more schools in order to maintain such full-time staff. A worker who has been forcibly transferred may submit a right to return to his or her former employment within one (1) year from the effective date of his or her new assignment. The referral must be submitted annually to remain valid. (f) support centres for primary schools. 4. At the end of the selection procedure, all vacancies shall be identified and listed together with all other vacancies; 5. Forced transfers and voluntary transfers are then grouped according to the following procedure: (a) for teachers with more than five (5) years of seniority: (i) teachers who are forcibly transferred are privileged on the basis of their age; (ii) Teachers who wish to transfer voluntarily have priority on the basis of their years of service. (iii) the lists drawn up in points (i) and (ii) shall be merged on the basis of the appropriate number of years of seniority credit. .