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When writing an effective document, opt for technological solutions that will help you manage your contracts. Also distinguish the value of the trade, the form and purpose of payment, the period of completion of the task and other criteria that he deems necessary. In order for the company to provide its services, find out about the project and its activities in the most transparent way possible. But of course, it`s pretty hard to manage when customer service is done. Not all customers really know how far their rights go and where the service provider starts. For example, Company A hires Company B as an IT outsourcing company that aims to guarantee 99.99% of server availability through monitoring software, in addition to setting limits and goals for bandwidth speed, hard disk space, among others. Therefore, clearly indicate the frequency of service level measurement. A company that feels committed to its business must be mindful of the Service Level Agreement (SLA). You know what he means? Those who provide services always go through this dilemma when they receive a complaint: is the customer right? A ticket? Discount on the next monthly fee? Termination of the contract? From the date of signature of the contract, the tasks begin to be implemented, but the deadlines must be broken down beforehand.

Effective management of responsibilities and guarantees avoids both personal and contractual conflicts between the actors involved in the provision of services. If there is a part of the agreement that is not respected, the problem should be solved through transparency in order to avoid the wear and tear of « eternal discussions ». Reports are essential to assist in decision-making, for example when evaluating new investments or exchanging suppliers. Because it is so specific, managing this model is much more complex. To verify that the customer-based SLA is the best alternative to your business, evaluate the reality of your business and its services. Describe all information, including deadlines, persons, modes of communication and any other information relevant to the operation. Frequent short expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus One of the main advantages of the tool is the ability to objectively develop a new type of service delivery, reduce costs and share commitments. Yes, that`s right! As a service provider, you also need fellow customers to provide good service. Another indicator that can be agreed is the cost that this contract will have, so there is a prior guarantee of expenses. In addition, other parts should be defined according to the companies, such as performance targets, frequency of reporting, satisfaction index and adjustment rate.

It`s important to make it clear that the SLA needs to be managed, which leads to what we call service level management (SLM) or service level management (GNS). For this task to be effective, you must rely on a set of indicators that enable a transparent relationship between the IT company and its customers, for example.B. Service availability indicators and failure response time indicators (MTBF). The SLA is a document whose clauses formalize the activity between the service provider and a company and indicate the obligations that have been delegated to the contractor and the customer. Thus, the contractor can measure and monitor the contractor`s performance and, if a previously defined objective is not achieved, fines can be imposed. Only with continuous verification can the contractor be sure that the IT company is supporting all stages of the process….